The Coalition

Approximately 6,000 people live on the west coast of Vancouver Island, occupying 8 communities scattered over more than 350,000 hectares. The communities are the district of Tofino and the district of Ucluelet, as well as six First Nation communities: Macoah, Hitacu, Esowista, Opitsaht, Ahousaht and Hot Springs Cove.

This very small number of residents over a very large - and remote - area makes it difficult to provide essential community services equally across the region. Seeing this as more of a challenge than a problem, service providers banded together to form the Coastal Family Resources Coalition (the Coalition) in 2003. Working together, the Coalition is able to share local knowledge and act in unison to provide the best services possible to local communities.

The Coalition is a strong committee of representatives who provide services for local children, youth and families in our communities. Monthly meetings are held from September until June in alternating communities to provide an opportunity to network, share resources and reduce duplication. The Coalition's goal is to see progress in the overall health in our communities. 

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1. To build relationships amongst a full range of service providers in the public, private, volunteer and corporate sectors who support children, youth and families

2. To develop an inclusive and integrated model for service delivery based on research, best practices and local knowledge.

a)  To engage broader perspectives from service providers, agencies, clients and communities in developing this model.

b)  To build broad-based commitment to develop and implement the model.

c)  To create a confidentiality protocol related to case conferencing and referrals.

3. To improve cross-cultural communication and awareness within the Coalition

4. To increase community knowledge and awareness of existing programs, services and resources available for families and individuals on the West Coast

5. To promote accessible Universal, Targeted and Clinical community programs and services that support the health and development of families

6. To create a community understanding of the importance of supporting the healthy growth and development of all families on the West Coast

Guiding Principles

A system of child, youth and family services in West Coast communities should be:

Collaborative and Coordinated – supported on local/regional/provincial/federal levels, based on local input, community-based, collaborative & coordinated, outcome based, available along the continuum of child development

Inclusive – inclusive and sensitive to First Nation culture and experience, child-centered/family-focused, accessible in a variety of settings, Hishuk ish ts’awalk (everything is one and interconnected)

Outcome based (evidence-based as a tool, not as a constraint) evidenc- based, cultural-based, timely, responsible, flexible, cost-effective, include universal, targeted and clinical services, strength based

Sustainable – coordination, core funding, programming as a ladder of services, advocacy & policies, responsibility & participation from all of the age groups,

Accessible – community-based, flexible delivery model, outreach & “one stop” shop, physical location in every community.