Family Ties is a perinatal program open to all Westcoast parents from Tofino, Ucluelet, Hitacu, Opitsat, Esowista and Ty-Histanis. Expectant and new parents can call the office directly, ask their Doctor or speak with the Public/Community Health Nurse to receive services. We are committed to strengthening and supporting all birthing families on the west coast.

We offer a weekly drop in with topics ranging from healthy nutrition, to childbirth, parenting your new baby and the latest in health news. Guest speakers include the Community Nutritionist, Dental Hygienist, Infant Development workers and other resource people. Participants can receive free pre-natal vitamins, individual nutrition information, and home visits if requested. 

Transportation can be arranged, please call for details


Tofino Coastal Family Place Health Unit: 250-725-4020 ext 64183
Ucluelet Health Unit office: 250-726-2224

In Tofino: Hanne Bruhwiler,
In Ucluelet: Margaret Morrison,